About Tara Curtin

Thank you for stopping by. I’m Tara Curtin, creative entrepreneur, brand designer, and illustrator based in Minnesota. I help conscious creatives move forward in business with purpose. Nothing makes me happier than being able to collaborate with small business owners and creatives for their branding, website, or custom design needs.

Being a creative soul, my passion is driven by my imagination to create and authentically connect with others through design. I strive to make appealing designs more accessible, affordable and inspirational for creatives all around the world. Head on over to my shop and browse my graphic packs and premade logos created to inspire you while saving you time and money with your design needs.

If you are interested in booking a custom project, reach out for a free consultation call. I'd be happy to learn more about you and your business goals. Or, come say hi and join me on Instagram.

Fun Facts About Me

• In 2014, I married my best friend, Andrew. We share a passion for our homegrown coral reef aquariums.

• I am a proud momma of two adorable kiddos. I have a daughter who is 5 years old and a son who is 3 years old.

• I'm a dog-lover. I have two German Shorthaired Pointers, Hendrix and Garcia (litter pup from Hendrix).

• Architecture and interior design often inspires me creatively (aesthetics, form and function).

• Cozy has always been my obsession. I'm always adding to my collection of blankets, hoodies and knee socks.

• Black is my absolute favorite go-to shade for almost anything and everything. Green is my favorite color.

• I'm a coffee enthusiast. I enjoy black coffee, cappuccinos and blended frappes. I also enjoy tea.

• I love walking. I enjoy getting up early to watch the sun rise while on hike around the lake.

• In my spare time, I enjoy cooking for the family, playing video games and relaxing around a bonfire.

Driven by 5 Core Values

I create with purpose and excellence by proactively giving attention to every detail. I will give you the best I can humanly create. All projects are done through a collaborative process to ensure needs are communicated, understood and met. I strive to always deliver what's outlined, meet deadlines and to interact effectively.


Your thoughts, opinions and feedback are encouraged throughout the duration of your project. I promise to provide you with unlimited support. For communication, I expect both ends to speak freely, listen actively, collaborate effectively and timely responding—as you will bound by any dates/deadlines we set together.


I will work with you rather than for you. I will strive to maintain a more collaborative space in which each person’s voice is heard, respected and valued. We'll be able to accomplish more than what is even possible individually by embracing a constant exchange of ideas. I promise to share my expertise, resources and best practices.



I truly value meaningful, lasting relationships over transactions. Regardless of your project size or budget, I’m here for you (much like that of a trusted friend). I focus on intentional design and the long-term outcomes of your business. I believe in a partnership that is respectful, productive, and honest.


I'm direct, transparent and will only promise you exactly what I can humanly do for you. Each project I take on is unique and I take time to carefully analyze, research and strategize to craft custom solutions to solve your design needs. I’m obligated to tell you when an idea is not in your best interests. I am happy to help you.

How It All Began

• Growing up, I naturally gravitated toward art as a way for me to connect with others.

• At the age of 16, I studied art technology and later went to college to study graphic design. In 2010, I graduated with a degree and took my first full-time job as a graphic designer at a large format print shop.

• Over the next few years my skills evolved as I took on new roles with other companies. I worked as brand designer, inbound marketer, website designer, content coordinator, photographer and administration assistant.

• It wasn't until late 2019 when the direction of my career changed. I went from contract freelancer working for multiple companies to a full-time creative entrepreneur offering branding and website design services.

• Being passionate about branding, I developed a brand strategy workbook—designed to help small businesses and creatives build a brand that's perfectly tailored to their business with longevity for years to come.

• To hone my skills as an illustration artist, I decided to create vector stock. In mid 2021, I opened an Etsy shop where I sell ready-to-use digital goods and brand assets for the creative community.

• From there, my design style has evolved naturally through experimentation and play.

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