Your design needs taken care of on a monthly basis by a professional designer so you can focus more on running your business. Learn how we can work together.

Creative Retainer Packages

Your graphic design needs will be taken care of on a monthly basis so you can focus more on running your business. You can purchase a creative retainer package based on your anticipated design needs for a few months, or for an entire year. It is paid for upfront, each month before work begins. Each month, you will have a guaranteed amount of work built into my schedule for the number of hours you purchase. This gives me the ability to plan my workload ahead a time and allows you to meet any deadlines you might have. You will also benefit from having priority service in projects and a discounted hourly rate compared to my normal design rate.

Creative Retainer Packages









10 Hours per month

20 Hours per month

30 Hours per month

4 Hours per month

20% Discount

15% Discount

10% Discount

5% Discount

Priority service in projects

Priority service in projects

Priority service in projects

Priority service in projects

2  Zoom calls included

3  Zoom calls included

4  Zoom calls included

1  Zoom call included

Receive an additional 5% off if you pay for your designer retainer in full for the length of your commitment.

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How to Become a Retainer Client

Already a Client?

Get In Touch


If you're already a client of mine, and are interested in becoming one of my retainer clients, let's chat! We can discuss your future goals in business, and select the right retainer package that fits you needs best. Schedule a 15-minute call to learn more about my design support packages.

A signed contract and your first retainer fee payment must be paid before we schedule your retainer start and end date. Each package has an initial 3-month commitment. After your first 3-month commitment, you can change your contract to 6 or 9 months.

Before any partnership, I like to get to know my clients to make sure we are a great fit for each other. Let's set up a 30-minute call so I can learn about about your business goals, project needs, and timelines. After, we will select a support package that will benefit you the most.

Peace of Mind

Review + Renew

Monthly Meeting

At the end of your 3rd month, we'll review the package plan you are on to ensure that the amount of hours set meet your business needs. If needed, we can revise the number of hours. If you're ready to renew, move forward with a 3, 6, or 9 month commitment. Pay in full for extra savings off your rate!

Upon committing to a package, we will meet to discuss your project workload for the first month. We will also plan and book all remaining monthly meetings on the calendar so that they're consistent. When we meet, we'll review all projects and timelines for the upcoming month.

I care about your brand as much as you do. Move your business forward with design that reflects your brand. Have peace of mind knowing you get access to an expert graphic designer, a guaranteed amount of work built into my schedule, priority service in projects, and a discounted hourly.

Frequently Asked Questions

A creative retainer is an agreement between your business and mine that allows you to contract hours of service per month. With a retainer package, you pay a fee each month before work begins and a block of time will be allocated within my schedule for the number of contract hours you purchase. This allows me to plan my workload ahead of time and allows you to meet any deadlines we set.

What is a creative retainer and how does it work?

What are the advantages of a creative retainer?

The purpose of a Creative Retainer is to build a long-term partnership with a professional designer who can handle all of your design needs for your business, on a monthly basis. By entering a creative retainer agreement, you get a discounted rate on on graphic design services. The more hours you commit to, the lower the rates you receive. With a creative retainer, you get priority service in projects. Since you pay a retainer fee in advance, a block of time is already allocated to you each month. You will have peace of mind knowing that your design projects will be completed with set deadlines.

What services are offered in a creative retainer?

A creative retainer gives you instant access to a variety of professional graphic design services. Each package contains the same design services, no matter the number of hours you pre-order each month. Design services include digital marketing, print design, social media, and course collateral. Please review the list of custom design services, here. If you don’t see a service you need, please feel free to make a request to see if it falls under the retainer program.

A creative retainer does not include branding or website design services. All branding and website design services are quoted and billed as a flat fee. Find more information on branding packages here.

Please note: Services do not include additional costs like stock photography, stock clipart, subcontractor fees, and printing expenses. Before your project begins, I will consult with you to identify any fees or costs that may be billed in addition to your creative retainer agreement.

What services are NOT included in a creative retainer?

At the end of each month, I will prepare an invoice for you that shows all of the time spent on your design projects.

Will I receive an invoice of my hours?

The creative retainer program is for clients who have completed a brand design experience with me or for those with an established brand (complete logo package with brand guidelines). Premade logo designs do not fall under this program.

Each retainer package has a 3-month minimum commitment. After your initial 3 months, we can move to a 6 or 9 month commitment if necessary. Payment will be due on the 1st of each month, for the month ahead.

If you acquire an overage in hours during the month, you will be billed $60 hourly at the beginning of the next month. At the end of each month, any unused hours will expire. They will not roll over to your next month. I will keep you posted if we are close to hitting your monthly hours. If additional time is needed for the month, you will be made aware before committing to pay extra.

What are some important details of the program?

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